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Current Issue: Volume 49, Issue 1, June 2024 

Molecular characterization of phytoplasma associated with sesame plants in Egypt

Pages 40-50

ragab Abdelhamid Mohamed; Mohamed Ali Abd El-Rahman; Hossam Fawzi EL-Shaer; Sahar Abdel-AZIZ Youssef

Plant Growth Regulators Promoting Callus Induction and Antioxidant Activity in White Sapote (Casimiroa Edulis)

Pages 51-58

Hussein Farag Hussein; A. E. El-Mezien; Hattem M. El-Shabrawi; Elsayed hassan Elkafafi

Probiotic Lactic acid bacteria: A Promising alternative approach to control human threats

Pages 95-107

Osama M. Ibrahim; Ahmed S. El-Hawary; Moataz H.A. El-Sehrawy; Mahmoud K.A. Ismail

Carbonate Minerals in Arid Soils of Egypt, Their Formation and stability conditions

Pages 156-165

Mohammed Mustafa Hammad; Mahmoud Shams Eddeen Khafagi; Mohammed َِAhmad Saeed; Ashraf Moawwad